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The Buffalo River Site is located 16 miles east of Moorhead, off Highway 10. It is adjacent to the Buffalo River State Park and one of Minnesota's largest prairie preserves, The Nature Conservancy's Bluestem Prairie.



Mission (Abstract)

The Regional Science Center is a program of Minnesota State University Moorhead. We provide programming in: PK-12 science and environmental education; PK-12 teacher education; college pre-service environmental teacher education; college field and research opportunities in observational astronomy, field biology and geology; and astronomy and natural history programs for the general public. We work closely with local school districts, the Tri-College Universities, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and area businesses, as well as state and national science and environmental organizations.

Additional Organization Description

The Interpretive Center
The 13,000 square-foot interpretive center houses a multi-purpose classroom, an exhibit area, an auditorium, and a local natural history library. The exhibit area displays permanent collections and traveling exhibits. The Paul P. Feder Observatory houses a 16-inch reflecting telescope projects celestial images to the auditorium via a television camera. The telescope is suitable for public programming, college courses, amateur astronomers, and astronomical research. 


PK-12 Programs Available 

The Science Center provides programs for over 9,000 PK-12 students each year. Our program year starts with fall programs that begin early in September and in early November. 

During January and February we feature the "Why Not Winter?" program for area 4-6 graders.

Our March program "In Celebration of Wildlife" is designed for primary school students and typically runs half days. The focus of "In Celebration of Wildlife" is wildlife needs and habits.

Our Spring programs run from April 1st to Memorial Day.

All programs are designed to blend the uniqueness of the Buffalo River Site to the curricular needs of the students. This is done by aligning our programs to national standards as well as Minnesota Graduation Standards.

Registration for each school year session starts in May before the school year begins.


   $3.00/student for a full-day RSC staff led program
   $1.50/student for a half-day RSC staff led program
   There is a $25.00 minimum charge.

To register for programs or to receive more information call 218-477-2904 or Email 

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