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Minnkota Recycling

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Mary G. Aldrich, Sales Manager
Phone: 701-293-8428
Fax: 701-293-0813 

809 4th Avenue North, Fargo, ND 58102
Directions to Facility Location East off 10th Avenue, North Fargo

DL – Locationa North Hwy 59 North, Detroit Lakes, MN
North of Detroit Lakes, on Hwy 59

Physical Address:

522 Highway 59 N
Detroit Lakes, MN


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Mission (Abstract)

MinnKota is a company that specializes in multiple material recycling and brokerage services.
Our business covers most of North Dakota and Minnesota. While operating five recycling facilities and over 600 commercial accounts in this region, MinnKota has been recognized as the "Best in North Dakota" by the State Department of Health. Major production mills have also recognized MinnKota across the U.S. for their quality materials.

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