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Pelican River Watershed District

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Contact Person(s):

Tera Guetter, Administrator

Dick Hecock, Senior Advisor E-mail:
Phone: (218) 846-0436
Fax: (218) 846-0778

Mailing Address: PO Box 1043, Detroit Lakes, MN 56502

Physical Address:

211 Holmes St W
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501


Directions to Facility Location: From the intersection of HWY10/Roosevelt Avenue, head north across the BN Railroad tracks, at stoplight turn right onto 8th Street; left into parking lot of Roosevelt Building. Office is located on Northeast side. From intersection of HWY 34/Roosevelt Avenue, turn south on Roosevelt Avenue; at stoplight turn left onto 8th Street; left into parking lot of Roosevelt Building. Office is located on Northeast side.

Mission (Abstract):

The Pelican River Watershed District is a special purpose unit of local government created to manage water resources within its boundaries. Watershed District purposes are to conserve the natural resources of the state by land use planning, flood control, and other conservation projects for the protection of public health and welfare and the provident use of the natural resources. The Pelican River Watershed District’s mission is to protect and enhance the lakes, wetlands, rivers and streams within its jurisdiction and to make wise decisions regarding the use of those natural resources. The District is engaged in an extensive lake and river monitoring program, education program, and in various special projects. The District is also the Ditch authority for Becker County Ditch Systems 11-12, 13, and 14.

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