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Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

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Contact Person(s):

Daniel Olson, Public Information Officer
714 Lake Ave
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501
Phone: 218-847-1519

Physical Address:

714 Lake Ave
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501


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Mission (Abstract)

Helping Minnesotans Protect the Environment
In July 2005, the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance was combined with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to form a new agency.  The new MPCA brings together the resources of both organizations to help Minnesotans protect, conserve and improve our state’s environment, and enhance our quality of life.  
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Air Quality Program: Students will learn about: - Importance of good air quality on our health and future - Health and environmental implications of burn barrels - Description of air quality monitoring and equipment - How to find the Detroit Lakes air quality status - Air quality and relation to global warming

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